Shear blades

We offer an experienced and reliable regrind service with a fast turnaround.

Using our exclusive range of high performance steels we can ensure that your shear blades are the highest of quality and are suited to your exact needs.

We have a large stock list of shear blades to suit most machines including:-

  • Edwards
  • Morgan
  • Haco
  • Pearsons
  • Cincinnati
  • Rushworth
  • Rhodes
  • Pratt
  • Elgar
  • Many other makes & Specials to order

This ensures that you have less down time. The blades can be both collected and delivered.

Got a project in mind?

Augus Engineering Ltd. recognizes that cutting applications cause excessive stresses and wear to the knife edge.

By utilising the highest grades of tool steels and through the use of the most recent developments in heat treatment we are able to offer supreme wear life and performance.

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